Steps in Removing the Paint Stain Out of your Window

When we have a renovation of our house, it is very normal that everything would turn into a mess as you can’t control what is happening and going to happen. Even with a simple painting of the wall with a new color could be a terrible thing for others especially when they accidentally painted some paint to the glass window. You may think that window cleaning could be a great help but after some time you would realize that wiping it would not be a great solution for this matter. Others would use harsh substances and chemicals just to get rid of that unwanted paint from the window but it would turn into a different result like thickening the glass.

Others would immediately call someone from a cleaning service company to get some help and they are willing to pay even if it is too expensive or cost very much. The most important thing for them is to get back the original look and remove the stain of the paint from it and give a shiny window again. If you are a tight and not having so much money for this one to spend, then there are some steps that could literally help you with this. You can follow and do it step by step with the procedures and process below that you need to do and to be done carefully to achieve the great result.

Prepare the Necessary Materials and Things That You Would Be Needing: In cleaning your window, you would need some tools and things that you can be used in removing the pain from the glass window. You have to prepare some clean towels or pieces of cloth, water, dishwashing or detergent soap, a sharp blade and even some commercially available products to help you.

Spray Some Water to the Affected Area and Sprinkle Some Soap: You need to wet the affected area with water and then apply some powdered soap or detergent cleaning soap. Let it stay for a couple of minutes to soften the paint from sticking into the window.

Get Your Blade or Razor Ready for Scraping the Paint Stain: After a few minutes, you may start with removing or scraping the paint stain out of the window. You have to be careful when doing this one as it may cause and result to some damages like scratches and even breaking your glass into pieces. You may use other things or tool in scraping the area like the edge of the car or a cutter and even a knife.

Rinse the Window with Clean Water: After getting off the paint from the window, you need to rinse the area with a clean towel and water. To make sure the you would see any remaining particles of parts of the paint.

It is Fine to Use a Solvent to Remove the Small Particles: For those smaller particles or paint, you may use a commercially available solvent to remove this one easily.