Animation Trends in the Age of Digital Marketing

The constant improvement of technology has brought forth exciting changes for the world of animation such as the animation studios in Singapore. It has risen to be one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic industries today. In fact, it has made a presence in other areas like an interactive experience, marketing, and advertising. This comes with no surprise given the amount of creativity animators have. They will take advantage of where there is a huge crowd. With the interplay of animation and marketing, marketers should now be on the lookout for animation trends and how they can take full advantage of this development.  

Digital Marketing

Trend 1- Whiteboard animation 

You might have already seen this in the past. So what is now the hype this time with whiteboard animation? The beauty of whiteboard animation is the impact it can give to explainer videos. Especially if the product is new to the market, the impactful explanation is needed and this animation can fill this requirement because of its simplicity and straightforward approach.

This has become to go-to tool of marketers (to the point that they too, marketers, make these type of animation). It’s easy to use and it can get immediate help from powerful tools used by the person responsible behind the animation. If you want to hop on this trend, it’s likely to flourish more in the coming years. Go download that software and look for that comprehensive guide. Immerse in studying and in no time, you can create lovely whiteboard animations.      

Trend 2- Motion graphics 

Motion graphics are also a trend nowadays. They are widely used in informative videos that require to be vibrant and attractive. This form of animation utilizes software that aids in creating intermediary positions. The end goal is to create an illusion of moving places, objects and characters; and not just shifting positions.  

The advantage of this animation form is that it doesn’t give cartoon-like images instead, it can do human-like characters.  

Trend 3- AR/VR 

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality might have already been an innovation when your parents were young, but it’s only now that it gets attention. It has now become mainstream. More and bigger companies have used this form even if it requires a considerable amount of money and time to navigate. This is because it draws client attention which is the crucial task of marketing campaigns. AR/VR presents retention opportunities for company owners. Retention is more likely to happen in this animation form for it makes people immerse. As an effect, it stirs them to be fascinated. Any marketing campaign that makes retention possible is highly welcomed. Company owners do not want to miss this opportunity.       

Trend 4- Animated series in the web 

The popularity of web series is attributed to the growing fan base over the years. This phenomenon has been noticed by production technologies. As an action, they produce more heartfelt web series.

Marketers come into this trend by injecting their brand story to the web series. This makes the brand more realistic as it is present in familiar situations. The more amusing, current, and compelling the series are, the more they will be remembered by viewers. Strong recall of these marketing-initiated web-series will most likely yield profit and patronage.